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Best and Worst

Right, I’ve committed myself to spending every evening in posting the best and the worst thing I have either read or heard every day.


Harriet Harman in her Conference speech today from the BBC:

Opening a debate about equalities at the Labour conference, Harriet Harman said she was speaking about “something the Sun knows absolutely nothing about – equality”.

She went on: “Let’s face it, the nearest their political analysis gets to women’s rights is Page 3’s news in briefs.”


Whilst I am a fan of Ed Miliband, his article in this week’s re-vamped New Statesman caused me to mumble under my breathe on the train journey back from London today. Miliband said:

The Tories have chosen to form a new European grouping with climate change deniers. And they oppose the support we are giving green industries, which are key to Britain’s future prosperity.

Yeah, try telling that to the Vestas workers, Ed.


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