Caroline Lucas: Our First Green MP

Sorry for my lack of posting anything for nearly a month. I have been absorbed in this election and my energies have been directed elsewhere. But, after a long, hard slog, she did it, Caroline Lucas is now Caroline Lucas MP!

This is a big first, this is massive for the Greens and even bigger for Brighton Pavilion. After seeing the Greens get squeezed in London where, unfortunately, we lost a number of council seats (well done to Darren Johnson holding on in Lewisham and Maya de Souza in Camden), we got the big one.

Caroline Lucas MP (I can’t stop adding MP) will raise the Greens national profile tremendously. It dispels all the old myths that the “Greens can’t win”, that “a vote for the Greens is a wasted one” or, my favourite one from Labour activists, “voting Green lets in the Tories.” Actually, a vote for the Greens lets the Greens in.

Brighton has done something amazing. Voters in Pavilion ignored the politics of fear whipped up by the two parties that it is either going to be Labour or the Conservatives and instead voted for something they wanted. They have given the Greens a majority of 1200 on an 8.4% swing from Labour. A massive well done to Brighton Pavilion voters, you have done Britain proud.

A another big well done (and a massive thank you) needs to go to everyone in the Green campaign team, all the councillors, all the volunteers, even those who came from far away and abroad (yes, a couple of Canadians came over to help Caroline). Without the help of every last person, from the press office to those delivering leaflets, it could not have been achieved without the input of every last person who was involved in the campaign.

The hard work now begins. Caroline and the party have a lot of people to thank, a lot of people to see and a lot of people to work on behalf of. Caroline’s priority is to Brighton Pavilion and her constituents. Her record will be judged by Pavilion voters and Pavilion voters alone. I have no doubt that Caroline will be an excellent constituency MP. As an MEP she always put the South-East first, she put her constituents first, and she will do the same for the people of Brighton Pavilion.

Commiserations to Nancy Platts and Charlotte Vere. I know both put a lot of  time and energy into fighting the seat. But, at the end of the day, voters ignored the national polls, they ignored the national picture and they voted for what they wanted, a Green MP. That is what they got, they now have a local champion in Caroline Lucas MP.

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