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Best and worst

I’ve just got back from a mate’s birthday bash down in Pompey (or Pompeii as my girlfriend likes to call it). I had some interesting conversations with some molecular biologists, most of whom were really quite reactionary individuals who disagreed with me on everything from testing on animals (something I am against) to climate change science (where nearly all of them were sceptical towards human-induced climate change). So naturally my ‘best and worst’ of today comes from some of the conversations I had down there.


This is from a conversation I was having with one of the sane ones regarding wine.

A: Ah, a wine man. What do you normally go for?

Me: I’m rather partial to most syrah and grenache blends, particularly good Chateuneuf-du-Pape.

A: Chateuneuf-du-Paper?! You sir are a God amongst men.

I’m always pretty keen on a bit of ego massage!


This is from one of the many conversations I had with the ‘scientists’ on climate change science.

J: Man-made climate change is bollocks, it’s not happening and it’s lies, lies and lies.

Me: How’d you figure that?

J: My lecturer told me 3 days before he died.

Me: So on that basis you take him at his word despite the scientific consensus suggesting otherwise?

J: Yeah.

It was pretty much the same opinion of everyone else who had the same lecturer. As you can imagine I was somewhat suspicious of the inquisitive minds of these young ‘scientists’ who were rather lacking on logic or rationale when discussing other topics. It is fair to say that I left the night not being the most popular of people with Portsmouth’s molecular biology students. Spiked and the LM network have struck again.

Better luck next time, eh?



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