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Can Brown make a come back?

In short, yes! I do believe Gordon Brown can make a come back.

Do I think he will set the right (left) direction to do so? Highly unlikely.

Did his Conference speech yesterday make an attempt at restoring some progressive faith in Labour? I think so.

Am I likely to vote for Labour if a Green candidate is absent? Probably.

Do I like Labour? Not especially.

Do I have an affinity to Labour? The majority of my family have been long time Labour supporters in the South East. My grandfather seems to think at one point he did not encounter a single Labour voter (besides himself) for 15 years whilst he was a postman in rural Sussex. Then 1997 changed all that.

But this isn’t 1997, it’s not even 2007, it’s 2009, with all likelihood of a General Election to be called for May 6th 2010. Labour are the incumbants, their ideas are looking tiresome and old, voters believe Labour has been given enough chances to get things right, the media are craving new stories with new blood, even the Murdoch press believes Labour can’t offer any fresh material for it to slander and to poke at. Things are looking grim.

Is Gordon Brown the right person to lead Labour? Yes.

Is there a chance of a last minute rebellion? Absolutely not. The Parliamentary Labour Party knows that it cannot risk disunity this late in the game. Twelve months back could have provided rebels with enough PR time to reverse the fortunes of the Party and to ‘Go Fourth’ without Gordon Brown at the helm. But it is now October 2009 and all opportunities for rebels to take on the mantle of the Party has disintegrated.

Has the fight gone out of Labour? No. I don’t believe the fight can ever go out of any political party, the Lib Dems are evidence enough of that.

Is Gordon Brown a ‘comeback kid?’ No.

What can Labour do now? Has anyone got any ideas? Anyone?

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