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I’m in a good mood

Breaking with the traditional conventions of political blogging…I am in a thoroughly good mood as of late. Here is a point-by-point why:

  •  I start a brand new job tomorrow (my first), of which I’m very excited about.
  • The 2009 vintage for English wine is proving to be one of the best ever with alot of good clean grapes coming off the vine.
  • Last week’s PoliticsHome poll of key marginals predicted Caroline Lucas to take the Brighton Pavilion seat for the Greens.
  • The same poll revealed that Tory prospects may not be as grandiose as some have suggested.
  • The Tory conference seems to be lacking any kind of enthusiasm or charisma.
  • Champagne may well get down to £10 a bottle by Christmas and New Year.
  • General good feeling to all.

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First Post


This is the first post of what I hope will be many. I intend to cover, discuss and rant on a whole range of topics, subjects and hobbies close to my heart. I am launching ‘The Plural Progressive’ not as a non-partisan blog (I will very much play the role of party hack, I am sure), but instead as a hub for a convergence of progressive opinion, be it from Greens, Labourites, Lib Dems, Plaid members, SNP supporters, the far-left, community campaigners, anti-racist campaigners, or any one else who considers themselves a ‘progressive.’

I also intend to use this blog to write about my two great hobbies- wine and real ale- posting reviews, news and opinion on the industry.

I have been following the blog-o-sphere for some time, regularly reading a number of blogs, reserving comment for topics or posts which I felt I could make a positive contribution towards. I hope that positivity, albeit with some cynicism, will become a hallmark of this blog, and would hope that my posts don’t enrage too many people.

Wish me the very best.


The Plural Progressive

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