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George Osborne: Best mates with big business

According to Tim Montgomerie on Conservative Home, one of the reasons why we should vote Conservative with “enthusiasm and confidence” is thetax break the Tories are prepared to give to big business.

Tim says:

George Osborne will use his first budget to cut the headline rates of corporation tax by abolishing allowances…he wants to cut corporation tax budget after budget.

At first, I assumed this was a joke conjured up by some stooge at Labour HQ. It wasn’t until I went to Google, typed in Conservative Home, went straight to the site and realised that it was not.

Tim even goes on to say this:

Also on the economy Ken Clarke will chair a deregulatory star chamber that will ensure more regulations are eliminated than new regulations enacted.

Is George Osborne (or perhaps only Tim Montgomerie) out of his mind? Does he really expect people to swallow this?

How can a Conservative Government with any kind of heart or compassion tell public workers to screw themselves whilst giving big business an easy tax break? It’s not fair, simple as.

Tax breaks for big business is why the Tories will never, ever be able to lay claim to a fairness agenda.

If this is either Tim Montgomerie’s or George Osborne’s idea of a joke, it’s not funny for anyone.

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