Tory red-bashing is dirty campaigning

Tory PPC for Brighton Pavilion, Charlotte Vere, has sunk to further depths by continuing to paint the Greens ‘red’.

She continually tries to compare the Greens to both the ‘Communist Party’ (there isn’t one in the UK, only the CPB and CPGB) and Respect, a moderate left-wing force focussed in a few areas and headed by firebrand MP, George Galloway, and the impressive Salma Yaqoob, the Respect candidate for Birmingham Hall Green.

Charlotte Vere’s logic is, that because the Greens have shared a platform with Respect (as well as CND, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth and others), and, because Respect had the participation of ‘communist’ parties, the Greens are somehow in bed with the ‘Commies’ doing the dirty. The only dirty thing here is Charlotte’s style of campaigning, which is anything but clean.

I share The Independent’s analysis that the Greens are ‘radical social democrat’, but I’m proud to say that we’re a party with clear egalitarian principles. To paint the Greens as ‘Marxist’, or somehow part of the ‘old Left’, is deceitful and sign of a paranoid hysteria. Maybe someone needs to tell Charlotte Vere that the Cold War is over and that red-bashing fell out of favour with Joe McCarthy.

Yes, there are a few reds about and yes, we have socialists and other leftists in the Green Party (as does Labour – believe it or not – and the Church of England), but the Greens are a democratic, egalitarian and open party. The ‘Policies for a Sustainable Society‘ (PSS) is open for everyone to see and our twice-yearly conference is open to anyone wishing to attend.

Charlotte’s attempts at smearing the Greens are not only deceitful, they are also laughable. It only further damages her campaign and, if she’s not careful, she might well end up getting the nickname ‘ Charlotte-does-Smear’…alot.

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    BrightonMike said,

    Hi Luke

    A couple of observations as a Brighton Pavilion resident and Green Party supporter.

    Charlotte Vere’s endless (and strangely obsessional) attempts to smear both Caroline Lucas and the Green Party is paying her very few dividends. She really doesn’t seem to grasp how people think in Brighton,irrespective of voting intentions. For someone touted as a ‘Cameronite Caring New Conservative’ she comes across in her comments as remarkably right wing and shrill in tone.Far more Maggie Thatcher than Theresa May. I hear rumours she is turning off the more thoughtful/’left’ Tory voters in Pavilion.It will be interesting to see where they go.

    Note the new Tory strategy as twittered by Vere. Their new tack is to try to exagerate support for Labour in order to undermine the Green Vote. My experience as a Pavilion resident is the reverse of Vere’s spin. I’m thrilled and humbled by how many people have told me they are voting Green. These far outnumber the Tory or Labour supporters I have encountered.



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      Luke Walter said,

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the analysis.

      If that is Charlotte Vere’s strategy, it is a very confusing one and makes her look a bit silly.

      It was only very recently on the Daily Politics that she said it was a two-horse race between herself and the Greens.

      Both Nancy and Charlotte are treating Caroline and the Greens as if they’re already the incumbents. This raises the profile of Caroline and the Greens across the constituency.

      Take Labour’s recent TNT delivered leaflet send out across Brighton. It was bright green, mentioned the ‘Greens’ several times and, in a world where it takes 8 seconds for someone to go from reading an election leaflet to binning it, it hardly allowed the reader enough time to digest the message.

      My own impression on the doorstep is the number of trade unionists and former Labour voters who are now switching to the Greens. They’ve seen past Nancy ‘but I’m a trade unionist’ Platts, and seen the man who would be the next Prime Minister if Labour was to win the next election. Voters aren’t stupid and the Greens are the only ones not treating them as such. Something I am incredibly proud of.

      Keep up the good work, Mike.

      All the best,


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    Eric Baird said,

    Have you seen the Conservative candidate’s “anti-Green” attack leaflet?

    Title: “THIS IS SERIOUS” :

    No mention of any other political party, but in tiny text at the bottom of page two it says “Promoted and printed on recycled paper by Heather Newberry-Martin on behalf of Charlotte Vere, both of ____ ”

    It reads like an old-style campaigning leaflet from 1930, like something you’d expect to see under glass in the Imperial War Museum, an artefact of a bygone age. I don’t think that it paints the Conservative candidate who seems to have issued it in a very nice light.

    That’s assuming that the leaflet’s attribution is genuine, of course. Perhaps someone should ask her, just to give her the chance to disown it in case it’s a “false flag” attack.

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