Did David Cameron actually speak to the Argus?

It was meant to be a huge coup for the Brighton Argus, they were supposed to have landed an interview with David Cameron whilst he was down in Brighton at the Conservative ‘Spring Forum’, rumour has it they were even supposed to get a video of the love-in. But, it has emerged that perhaps he didn’t actually speak to the Argus, not personally any way.

Whilst there is no sign of the interview on the Argus website, Charlotte Vere has kindly posted it onto her blog, which you can view here. Seems rather elementary, doesn’t it? Seems like you can replace ‘Brighton and Hove’ with just about any other city or town, does it not? But, what do I know? I don’t work in political communications, but I think we better consult with someone who does.

Local twitter bod, Nils Bord, aka @BrightonGossip, has suggested that the interview was not face-to-face but was instead handled by his press team. In a tweet at 10.27am on Monday 1st March, Nils said:

@jasonkitcat That’s a Q&A from his pr team, not a face-to-face i/view. I’ve worked in political comms and can spot that a mile off @lmwater

In a later tweet she asked Andy Chiles, (now former) reporter with the Argus:

@AndyArgus Thanks 4 follow. Do u no if Cam gave Argus a face-to-face interview? Tory friend tells me Cam threw his toys and ignored u guys?

I’ve tried to find an answer to this one but nothing has been forthcoming.

So, it begs this simple question, did David Cameron actually sit down with any one from the Argus and conduct an interview? If not, was this interview done by telephone with David Cameron?

I look forward to hearing from someone at the Argus…or a member of David Cameron’s press team. Thanks.


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