Lancaster Greens on the verge of becoming joint largest party

On April 1st (and no, this is not an early April Fool’s), Lancaster Green Party have a unique opportunity to become the joint largest party on the Lancaster City Council.

The by-election has  been called after the resignation of Councilor James Blakely, one of the two Labour councilors in the John O’Gaunt ward. The other seat is held by the Green Party’s Jude Towers, who took the seat off Labour in the 2007 city council elections.

Already the Greens have 12 councilors, Labour 14, Conservative 12, Morecombe Bay Indepedents 11, Liberal Democrats 5 and 5 Independents. A Green win from Labour will see them have 13 seats each.

The by-election is not just winnable for the Greens, it’s very winnable and, if they win, they will be the joint largest party on Lancaster city council. This is incredibly exciting for the Lancaster Greens as this will be the first time ever that Green councilors will be the largest party on any council, albeit jointly.

This is an opportunity that the Greens cannot afford to miss. By winning the seat, especially so close to a General Election, and becoming a majority party, we can prove to voters going into the polls be it in Lancaster, Brighton, Norwich or elsewhere, that the Green Party is the party with momentum, with the ideas to capture voters aspirations, but also with the muscle to deliver. Opportunities like this cannot be bought but, they can certainly be won.

I would suggest to Greens, everywhere, that if you can, take the time to make the trip to Lancaster. Wouldn’t it be rather special that just before we win our first MPs to Westminster, we also take our first council? As I said, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

I’m going to be breaking from the norm and start keeping an eye on how things develop in Lancaster, I reckon we could be in for quite a treat.

So, do what you can to help them, either get on the train and knock on some doors, make a kindly gift to help the campaign a long or, in the words of Jim Jepps, you could start blogging for victory, #FirstGreenCouncil for the win!


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    Mac said,

    Your numbers are a bit out of date, unfortunately, that was how it stood immediately after the election in 2007. Since then, 4 independents have joined the MBIs, and 1 Tory and 1 Labour councillor have become independents. The resignation of Jim Blakely brings Labour down to 12, so if we win this (definitely winnable) seat we’ll have more seats than Labour, but we’ll still be 3 behind the MBIs

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      Luke Walter said,


      Sorry about the numbers issue, I’m afraid information wasn’t easy to get hold of, I couldn’t see any updates on the Lancaster city council website. Thanks for clearing that up.

      So, in the wake of a possible Green victory in the by-election, will Labour continue to run the administration until city council elections next year?

      I would be pleased if you could keep me updated with how it all develops.


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        Mac said,

        Labour aren’t running the council, we’ve got a PR cabinet made up of 2 Greens, 2 Labour, 2 Tories, 1 Libdem and 3 MBI’s. The Libdem is the leader of the council.

        If we win the by-election, we’ll have the largest number of councillors in the Parliamentary constituency of Lancaster and Wyre, which is the North West’s target seat for the Greens.

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