Truths or untruths?

Over at UK Polling Report [UKPR], on the Brighton Pavilion thread, a regular poster, Richard S, has this to say about Charlotte Vere, the Tory candidate for Brighton Pavilion:

According to your [UKPR] Biographical information about The Conservative PPC Charlotte Vere, she is CEO of Big White Wall.
On 11th Jan, 2010, Jenny Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Big White Wall Ltd wrote the following post to ‘The Independent’  CEO, ‘Please note that Charlotte Vere is not the CEO of Big White Wall Ltd – she resigned from the company last Spring.’
When updating the Biographical information on Charlotte Vere, it might be worth adding that she spent much of her career working as an Investment Banker.

It seems Richard S is referring to a comment half way down this article on the Indy’s website. Whilst I have not found any information about Ms. Vere’s possible working life as an investment banker, and the  information coming from someone signing the post as ‘Jenny Hyatt’ is difficult to corroborate, I’m hoping Ms.Vere can set the record straight and shed some light on this matter.


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  1. 1

    It is all here: I finished at Big White Wall in August 2009.

    Kind regards,

    Charlotte Vere

  2. 2

    Luke Walter said,

    Thanks, Charlotte.

    Can you tell us anything about the investment banking?

    • 3

      From 1989 to 1999, I worked in Mergers and Acquisitions for County NatWest, Barings, Bankers Trust and DLJ – advising companies on whether to merge with another and why and then taking them through the regulatory processes.

      My role mostly consisted of strategy and benefits of the combination, valuation of the company and legal aspects and structuring of the merger. It was incredibly hard work but a very good way to start one’s career.

      No, this is not the same job as the people who caused the current credit crisis, but I have a good grounding in finance and economics so can happily discuss the detail if you want to!

      Best wishes,

      Charlotte Vere

  3. 4

    Luke Walter said,

    I appreciate your honesty, Charlotte.

    It is a commendable quality.


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