Clean your own house first, please

Because Charlotte Vere has a reluctance to publish any of my comments, I figured I would publish my most recent one in response to her blogpost, ‘Publication of Legg report increases pressure on Ms. Lucas to publish her expenses:’

“I’d be interested to know if you’ve contacted any of your Conservative colleagues over their European Parliamentary allowances?

I think it should be a case that you saw your party clean its own house (or moats) before hounding someone who was given a high approval rating from the independent think-tank, Open Europe, for her transparency on allowances.”

Update: Charlotte Vere has said  the report never covered allowances. In fact, the Open Europe report covered the issue of allowances because it included criteria on how MEPs voted in regards to making the allowance system clearer and more transparent to voters. It’s not Caroline Lucas’ fault that some of Charlotte Vere’s Tory colleagues in the European Parliament failed to back modest measures on transparency.


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    Dear Luke,
    I have published all your comments today as they are not attacking me personally so I would be grateful if you didn’t accuse me of not doing so. As I have said on my blog, this issue is merely one of following principles – if you attack people for doing wrong, as Ms Lucas has in regards to Westminster and Brussels expenses (and allowances), you must be beyond reproach yourself and at the moment, Ms Lucas in not.
    By laying the blame on other MEPs, are you saying that Ms Lucas would only publish her expenses if she were ‘forced’ to do so? I would publish my expenses regardless.
    Kind regards,
    Charlotte Vere (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion)

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