“Druggie Dave” and chums

 Right, I have a little secret, well…maybe it’s more of a guilty pleasure…I love Kevin Maguire!

I know that will raise a few eyebrows but I think the bloke is hilarious.

I just read his amusing New Statesman article from last week in which he gives us the low-down of a party bash thrown by Lord Ashcroft for “Druggie Dave” and his “Buller boys”, a reference to Davey-C’s time at Oxford.

His most amusing anecdote of the article came from a council by-election in Essex:

Keep it in the family

The “Vote for change” by-election slogan of Pam Sambridge, a successful Tory candidate for Tendring Council, raised a few eyebrows in Essex. The vacancy was created by the death of her husband.

Have we entered an age of electoral audacity as well as an age of economic austerity!? For the Tories, it seems so.


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  1. 1

    Robson said,

    Miliband, balls, kinnock… I don’t know, i think Labour could get away with it if they tried! And the Lib dems have John Thurso…

  2. 2

    Sadly that really is rather funny, I coughed a little laugh up that caught the attention of the other office chaps I’m with, who have now all heard about the ‘vote for change’ lady. I must admit, I’ve a soft spot for Maguire too, he’s very good on HIGNFY also.

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