I’m Back

Yes, that’s right dear readers, I am now back to full-time blogging. After two weeks of feeling demotivated and having enough of job applications, I am finally back to where I should be. I am once again ‘posi’ (tive).

Over the next few days I will be discussing the following:

  • Is Gordon Brown a ‘comeback kid’?
  • Is the CWU really prepared to pull the plug on Labour?
  • How would an RMT electoral challenge shape Labour’s General Election campaign?
  • Super marginal seats in the South-East come May 2010
  • The campaign in Brighton Pavilion
  • Could Canterbury ever be anything but Tory Blue?

In other news, it is with great regret for me to announce, but the Scrine Foundation will be closing it’s doors on November 1st. Kent County Council has offered pre-existing contracts with Scrine to another homelessness charity, Porchlight. However, Porchlight will not be taking over the Open Centre located just outside Canterbury East station. Of all the services that Scrine provided it’s Open Centre was the frontline service that it offered to all homeless and marginalised people throughout Kent. After November 1st there will no longer be an Open Centre for Kent’s homeless. Whilst I believe Scrine is attempting to do what it can to keep the centre open, it does not look likely unless a major donor comes forward. It is disappointing news and one that would have major consequences across the community. I can only hope that a last minute miracle happens to ensure that every homeless person in Canterbury and Kent has a roof over their heads on the long, cold nights.

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  1. 1

    Dave Semple said,

    They’ve been trying to get rid of the Open Centre for years. I wrote up some details on this, which is not limited to Canterbury over at my own place: http://thoughcowardsflinch.com/2009/09/23/tory-and-new-labour-cuts-bite-deep-in-coventry-and-canterbury/

    On another note, though, if you’re a fellow Canterbury blogger like myself, which organisation are you working with at the moment?

    • 2

      pluralprogressive said,

      Last year I remember it was an attempt by Canterbury City Council to close down the centre.

      I’m only a Canterbury blogger at the weekends when I make the return trip back to visit. For the rest of the time I’m located in sunny rural Sussex where the grass is always blue.

      I am a Green Party member but I am not ever as active as I would like to be. This is largely due to not having a local party where I live most of the time. However I will be getting more active down in Canterbury. I also keep tabs at what is happening at UKC and with many of the student groups up on the hill.

  2. 3

    Dave Semple said,

    Good stuff. I look forward to seeing you around, some time, then. I have every intention of beating up the three Socialist student groups and potentially the local Green Party and UAF until we have some arrangement on how to completely shaft the Tories in the Council here, for what they did to Scrine amongst other things.

  3. 4

    pluralprogressive said,

    I think a beating might well be in good order. Although I come from KUSS ranks and they are lovely people more than willing to shaft the Tories wherever they may lurk. :]

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