Bath Ales: Gem

1264_633664986314716585This is every bit a real ‘Gem.’ Deep amber brown in colour, ‘Bath Ales: Gem’ is an earthy beer with plenty of bitter-sweet flavours. Not very fruity, this one has alot of lean malt flavours with plenty to chew. Full-textured in the mouth, ‘Gem’ is pretty sweet in terms of caramel malts and brown sugar water, blended with thick honey, raisins and light orangey citrusness. It is well-mixed and pleasant, but lacks a better harmony and complexity.

The bitter-sweet malty flavour resembling red date and fruit tea with a dash of honey comes forward, following onto a moderately bitter middle taste of mixed toasted dark-fruits, citric sourness and earthy hops laced with an assertive black tea undertone in the finish.

It is an exceptional best bitter. I look forward to tasting alot more from the ‘Bath Ales’ team.

Available from Sainsbury’s for £1.90.


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    Jenny said,

    Either you just copied this from the blurb on the back of the bottle or you are a natural!

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