Brew Dog: Dogma


Amber-gold in colour, this one is packed with delicate flavours. At 7.8% it is high alcohol but it’s easy on the ‘thug’ most high-alcohol beers are known for. It is heather honey infused, with intricate malts rolling over the palette in an attempt to impress. It is a beer with alot of effort put into it.

Upon first smell it’s not overpowering, with just  a hint of sugary sweetness that fails to pass over upon the taste, which is a good thing as there are so many other clean and refreshing flavours at work. Being a thick beer, and many ‘Brew Dog’ beers are thick, it is easily quaffable as a result of those leafy and natural malts and ingredients.

The philosophy behind the ‘Brew Dog’ brand is pure arrogance, a clever marketing gimmic that makes this ‘punk’ style stand out from the other ‘traditional’ real ales. As a brand, it ultimately relies on young drinkers taking a risk with the intriguing beer styles, and particularly towards new real ale drinkers taking a chance with ‘Thrashy Blonde’, ‘Hardcore IPA’ and ‘Chaos Theory’ to name but a few, however the team behind ‘Brew Dog’ are deadly serious about making honest booze, with imaginative twists, being innovative in taking beer forward to a whole new level, one that young beer lovers have been looking for. ‘Brew Dog’ is nothing short of being progressive.

Available from Sainsbury’s for £1.50, (3 for £4).


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